The Leading Edge - All Breed Professional Dog Handling
Handling Rates

Note: All expenses are pro-rated (divided evenly for each dog).

Base handling rates

Class dogs - most Breeds: $100.00 per show

Class dogs - Poodles / OES: $125.00 per show

Per Show (per day) - Ring Side (handed to Allison at ringside) $150.00

Specials (Champions) Most Breeds: $125.00 per show

Specials (Champions) Standard Poodles & Old English Sheepdogs $150.00

Specialty Shows (In conjunction with All-Breed Shows) $200.00

Specialty Shows (Independant) $250.00 and up

Fly-in's - Per Show $500.00

National Specialties, Westminster, Purina National, & Benched Show rates available upon request.

Additional charges for wins

Group 1st: $75.00
Group 2nd: $60.00
Group 3rd: $60.00
Group 4th: $60.00
Best Puppy In Group: $50.00
Best In Show / Best In Specialty Show: $250.00
Best Puppy In Show / Best Puppy In Specialty Show / Reserve Best In Show: $150.00
Westminster Kennel Club / Specialty WD/WB (Winners Dog / Winners Bitch): $150.00
Westminster Kennel Club / Specialty BOS/AOM (Best Opposite Sex / Award of Merit): $175.00

Boarding & Grooming

Boarding per day: $20.00 and up.
Grooming charge based on $100.00 per hour
Extra grooming products charged to owner (20% surcharge)

Boarding per month (includes maintenance grooming - not first grooming nor setting a poodle into pattern): $450.00 - $650.00

US shows charged in US funds.

The handler will exercise due care and precautions but will not be held responsible for escape,
self-inflicted damage, theft, injury inflicted by other animals, illness, loss or any other unavoidable occurrences.

All dogs will be shown personally, except under circumstances beyond the handler's control,
at which time it is understood that another competent handler of the handler's choosing will replace the handler.

All charges with respect to entries, shipping fees, veterinary work,
medications or special diets are the owner's responsibility.

All dogs are expected to be up to date on all vaccinations including parainfluenza and rabies.
A certificate is required for US shows.

All cash awards are retained by the handler.

All fees must be paid in full before the dog is released to the owner.
A 10% interest rate will be added to bills not paid after 30 days of the statement date.
A $25.00 charge will be assessed for all NSF cheques and the client will be put on cash-only basis.
We accept personal cheques, VISA, American Express and CASH. GST on all accounts.
A 3% service charge will be applied to credit card purchases.

A 20% surcharge will be applied to photos, vet bills and shipping paid for by Leadindgege.

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